old dog boxing flemington boxingThe sport of boxing is enjoying a renaissance in popular culture, and a new generation of fans has come to love the passion and drama that unfold in the squared circle — and they want to try it themselves.

Until recently, however, would-be pugilists in Hunterdon County had to travel to boxing clubs further afield for this experience. In 2014, two “old dogs” — amateur boxer Bill Ruscher and former professional Stew “The Milkman” Burroughs — decided to help fill the gap in the boxing club landscape by opening Old Dog Boxing Club in Ringoes, N.J.

Old Dog Boxing Club welcomes all fans of boxing, no matter your age, color, creed, gender, or level of expertise. Members span the spectrum from rank beginner to professional boxer. For those still learning the craft, you can expect instruction in a safe and well-equipped gym, incorporating the fundamentals of the sport and general conditioning, with the option for advanced students to participate in controlled sparring, led at all times by USA Boxing certified coaches. Our boxing sessions accommodate students of all skill and fitness levels. Students learn boxing stance, footwork, punch combinations, and defensive moves. Proper techniques are emphasized and practiced.

Like any martial art, boxing demands discipline and hard work from participants. ODBC members are expected to respect coaches and fellow participants at all times. Violence has no place in the boxing gym; successful boxers have learned that self-control, both physical and emotional, is a key factor in becoming a good boxer. But boxing is not just about testing your athleticism and work ethic — it offers a fun workout in a positive atmosphere, and fosters camaraderie, confidence, and self-respect.

Old Dog Boxing Club coaches:

Stew Burroughs is a former professional boxer who has been coaching amateur boxers for 25 years. He shares his wisdom about the sweet science with anyone who shows a passion for it. A standout three-sport athlete at South Hunterdon High School in the 1970s, he is well-respected in the boxing community.

Bill Ruscher was a fan of boxing in his youth, but didn’t seriously take up the sport until he was 50. Coached by Stew Burroughs and blessed with natural talent, he learned quickly and progressed to participating in masters amateur competitions. In May 2014, he opened Old Dog Boxing Club in Ringoes, N.J.